Physical ABuse is the first fitness center in Singapore to launch Drums Alive!

Only the Best-Equipped, Internationally-Certified personal trainers are on our team to serve you.

Fit Right In to that pair of jeans you used to be able to wear.


"When all's said and done, Physical ABuse could quite possibly be the most welcoming gym in town. As its slogan promises, you'll 'fit right in'. After a few weeks of working out on the Fitvibe, and shaking your excess booty in Zumba class, you'll be sure to fit right in to those too-tight jeans you were on the verge of throwing out."

- Yahoo News Review
"The newest gym in town goes by the unlikely and intriguing name of Physical ABuse. The streak of fuchsia in its logo screams fun and funky. The staff are friendly and they don't hard-sell, although they work really hard to win the loyalty of their customers. And the fit and fab trainers don't look like gorillas in Spandex. That's not all that's surprising about this great little workout hangout."
- PRWeb Review
"The fitness centre where keeping fit, feeling right and being in are goals for everyone. Find exciting array of exercises from personal training to aerobics and dance, boot camps to yoga and Pilates. This state-of-the-art gym has the latest functional training equipment, a kickboxing corner, and even vibration training that doubles the speed to fat-loss!"

- Today's Motherhood Review
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